By completing this agreement, I understand that I will not have any financial obligations to Viterbo University until my account is charged in accordance with the University’s billing procedures.
Thank you for your interest in completing the Viterbo University Educational Loan and Disclosure Statement online. Before you can complete the Educational Loan Agreement online and receive periodic statements and other student account-related information electronically, you must consent to receive certain information and disclosures electronically and agree to the use of electronic signatures on documents related to your student account. Please review the information below prior to giving your consent and agreement.  
If you do not consent, you will not be able to receive your student account information and disclosures electronically and Viterbo University may require that you pay the entire amount you owe to the University prior to registration. You have the right to withdraw consent to receiving information electronically by making written request to Viterbo University’s Business Office, 900 Viterbo Drive, La Crosse, WI 54601.  
To obtain a free copy of your student account documents such as your periodic statement in paper form: (a) print the document(s) from the screen on your personal computer or (b) download the statement with disclosures to your hard drive or other storage device.  
To obtain a duplicate copy of your student account documents such as your periodic statement in paper form (a) send a written request to Viterbo University’s Business Office, 900 Viterbo Drive, La Crosse, WI 54601 or (b) visit the Viterbo University Business Office, Murphy Center - Room 214, to request a specific document. Requests for paper copies of these documents will be subject to reasonable fees for copying.  
The following information will be provided by electronic communication through email, VitNet, or the Viterbo University website:  
1.      Electronic Loan Agreement  
2.      Periodic Statements for Your Educational Loan Agreement  
3.      Truth in Lending Billing Rights Summary  
4.      Truth in Lending Account Opening Disclosures  
5.      Truth in Lending Change in Terms Notices  
6.      Any disclosure, notice or payment reminder that would normally be delivered via a deposit statement mailing that may be required by law or regulation.  
To access your account-related information, you must have a personal computer (PC) or Macintosh computer with a working connection to the internet. Your internet browser software must support 128-bit encryption and you will need required software, such as Adobe Acrobat Reader and Microsoft Word. Please access the following link for information concerning computer specifications and connecting to the campus network:  
Information will be sent to your Viterbo University email address. You agree to keep us informed of your current contact information by sending such changes in writing the Viterbo University Registrar’s Office at the address shown above. You will receive notification of the online availability of your periodic statement via e-mail. Please modify your e-mail security to allow e-mails from us. It may be necessary to notify your internet service provider that this is an allowable e-mail. From time to time we will conduct system upgrades. We will inform you of any revised hardware or software requirements that may be in effect after the upgrade to allow you to continue to access your statement with disclosures electronically.  
By electronically signing the Educational Loan Agreement and/or other student-account related documents, you agree to all the terms and conditions of such documents. Viterbo University may retain and store the executed Educational Loan Agreement and other student account related documents in electronic format. An electronic representation of a signed student account related document will be deemed to be the original, signed document for all purposes.  
By clicking the box next to "I Consent" below, you acknowledge and agree that:  
1.      I consent to receive all information pertaining to my student account at Viterbo University electronically, including legally required disclosures.  
2.      I consent to the use of my electronic signature on the Educational Loan Agreement and other student account related electronic documents as my valid, binding and authorized signature under state and federal law.  
3.      I agree to conduct transactions related to my student account at Viterbo University electronically.  
4.      I am able to view this consent. I am also able to download and review files in Word and PDF format.  
5.      I have an account with an internet service provider and I am able to send email and receive email with hyperlinks to websites.  
        Student Full Name     
        Social security # (no dashes)   
         If you do not have a U.S. Social Security Number, please enter nine 9’s (999999999) into this field.
Please print and retain a copy of your consent and agreement for your records.