Request for Withdrawal - (All Classes)

Viterbo University; 900 Viterbo Drive; La Crosse WI 54601
TO BE COMPLETED BY THE STUDENT      (Please complete ALL portions.)
I wish to withdraw from Viterbo University. I have discussed my intentions to withdraw with my advisor or graduate program director.
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Students should contact the business office and financial aid offices for information about withdrawal implications prior to submitting this form.
I acknowledge that there may be student billing implications to my withdrawal, even if I do not currently have a balance. No transcript will be issued, nor may I return to Viterbo, until those encumbrances are satisfied.
I acknowledge that there may be financial aid implications to my withdrawal from school.
 If you are living on campus, the Office of Residence Life expects that all students who withdraw during the school year move out of their rooms and apartments within 48 hours of the withdrawal.
I understand that by signing this form, I am withdrawing from classes for the semester/term.  If I decide to resume my studies, I must reapply for admissions.
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